Pieces Of The Puzzle

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31 October 2011

Mix Act Duration
Pieces Of The Puzzle (Original[1] Mix) Boom Jinx & Soundprank 7:16
Pieces Of The Puzzle (Solarity Remix) Boom Jinx & Soundprank 7:46

Pieces Of The Puzzle (Original Mix)

POTP is the shakiest attempt at following Milano, but they forgot the homeopathic psychotics, & went with none instead. This tune is watered down water, the faintest air of passion, with the guise of trying. Even the name is a suggestive ploy, asking you to figure out the true, deep meaning behind it all. But it's shallow as a drop. This was Eide's last AD anyway, & CF had only a year to go.

Pieces Of The Puzzle (Solarity Remix)

To close the gate & make way for Dusky, they shut up shop with this utter Solarisation of the OM. Changing the style & that's it? This vile subanthropitude makes the 'a' stand for 'acerbate'. Still better than Dusky.