Pink Houses

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27 July 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Pink Houses (Original Mix) Answer42 128 B minor 6:22

Semicentennials are given high priority. & when opening a flagship compilation, A&B like to begin with something incongruous.

Pink Houses (Original Mix)

It must be highest prestige when an EP is a multiple of 50 & a Volume opener. Vol 7 begins with the dub mix, which differs from the vocal mix because Frank's voice is backgrounded instead of clear. Answer42's debut is wondrous from 3:14 to 4:00; all else does not deserve a tenth of the time it's given.
The fleeting tune has less than a minute to merit its rewards, & it does: a full song should be made of this. Fogfall envelops as the windows canesce & that's just the beginning. Or it would be just the beginning if this weren't abrogated so viciously.
Answer42 went on to complete full songs. Pink Houses was an admirable foresight.