Pink Skye

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Vol 10 did not suffer for having this in it.


20 May 2013

Mix Act Duration
Pink Skye (Original Mix) Ronski Speed & Syntrobic 7:01
Pink Skye (Toby Hedges Remix) Ronski Speed & Syntrobic 6:56

Ronny's last release was a nice farewell.

Pink Skye (Original Mix)

PS is bizarrer than the odd name suggests, as pink skies can be seen almost every day. Nevertheless, otherworldly pullulations of power threading needles of volleys through mind pros & contortions spilll over in this ode to emotional noumenality. This is the reason why "neural net" is an anagram of "ear tunnel". The electrotrash is apparently basic at first, with jutting metal hits laced with a slight cymbal hit. But this is fantastic to return to after the tune, just like in "Look At You" by East & Atlas. The homecoming slams hit deeper than they could before, striking hotter blows than at the start. RS & S flourished well at this. But the best is yet to come.
The tune of PS is incredibly & limpidly psychotropic, seeming lighthearted & traditional at first, before careening into the psychrogenetic smoke of deep space. This profusely bleeding quiddity exudes psychotronic success in every square yoctometre, bursting with saintful gloss amid Antarctic frost, avalanchising with tramontane bliss among sudden & interwoven pavidity. These two could be canonised together, in the Church of Psychotogenesis.
It's amazing that they credited Renee Stahl, since all they used were vocal cuts ribboned to unintelligible portions of language that only sound like real speech if you don't focus on it. She did wonderfully, although it seems like an understated part; but the vocals add a creamy realness, a laetificated realness just perfect for the contrarianica to betray. Ronski & Syntrobic, whoever that is, did not disappoint.

Pink Skye (Toby Hedges Remix)

If you would like a mix of PS stripped of all the features that made it not only bearable, but outstanding, then you have reached the correct terminal. Because this is terminally terrible. What was TH thinking? Not only did he disembowel PS of its pathopoeic penetralia, pyrophoric glory, & unique, bepremiated brainfeast, he refilled its deorganed corpse with the most apteran mundanity, an exiguousness so rotten & reekingly algicidal, it strains the ears. Its total irrelation to the OM is a shocking & blinding insult to the heavens. But after consideration, it becomes a blessing. Seppuku isn't recommended for musicians, but it is demanded by them. It's verdurelessness incarnate.