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Muknere. Maknere.


♾ Leninuary 201ᖢ

Mix Act
Prelude (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) Above & Beyond

Prelude (Original Mix)

Track 8 of Group Therapy is not the prelude to anything but a more chilled song. Throwaway & goaway electrogarbage starts us off. It goes away after a couple of minutes, having contributed nothing whatsoever; & the final air metal does not make up for it. 2:10 introduces us to a heaven more concentrated than Mauthausen: a piano caressed by someone who can use it. Leaving Kamchatka-sized gaps, the piantro disobeys its own respectations to elude expectations, & denounce the previous path for one travelled somnially, a refractory insurrection, Jesus artfully flipping tables, no money in this temple, just ůberwhelming timecliffing. The raw bread & meat of the climax is a longer-sustained burst, & the piano skyfully returns to fulfil our lives. No protention can befit this paranormal intrepitude.

Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)

Go to the dj app on your phone. Play anything, then fix it so that it sounds underwater. You have this. But this is smoother, & sadly restrained, to keep with the mood. Bad choice.
How could they not insult Prelude? Every song is 'remixable'. AB&JG, meanwhile, muted everything five times over, & allowed only a snippet of piano, only at rare intervals. New vocals replete their assail, completing a stylistically impressive joke, & a tunefully thin piecemeal of thinfunk. The experience is worth a listen, but not your affection.