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Muknere. Maknere.


♾ Funuary 2012

Mix Act
Prelude (Original Mix) Above & Beyond 5:45
Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) Above & Beyond 7:28
Prelude (M.O.S. Remix) Above & Beyond 4:55

Prelude (Original Mix)

Track 8 of Group Therapy is not the prelude to anything but a more chilled song. Throwaway & goaway electrogarbage starts us off. It goes away after a couple of minutes, having contributed nothing whatsoever; & the final air metal does not make up for it. 2:10 introduces us to a heaven more concentrated than Mauthausen: a piano caressed by someone who can use it. Leaving Kamchatka-sized gaps, the piantro disobeys its own respectations to elude expectations, & denounce the previous path for one travelled somnially, a refractory insurrection, Jesus artfully flipping tables, no money in this temple, just ůberwhelming timecliffing. The raw bread & meat of the climax is a longer-sustained burst, & the piano skyfully returns to fulfil our lives. No protention can befit this paranormal intrepitude.

Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)

Go to the dj app on your phone. If you don't have one, just download one. Play the OM, then mix it so that it sounds underwater. Congratulations: you no longer have to pay for this. However, this is not quite laziness in the reach of Spencer Brown's Frozen Ground, as this is smoother, & deeply restrained, to keep with the mood, a bold, & untread choice.
AB & JG muted everything five times over, & allowed only a snippet of piano, only at rare intervals. New vocals replete their creative irruption of tezture, completing a stylistically impressive experiment, & a tunefully thin piecemeal of thinfunk. Fellifluous chances must be taken.

Prelude (M.O.S. Remix)

Which is not what happened here. Adding a scant speck of guitar over the OM is not enough. Whichever 'M.O.S.' this is needs to take Albanian advice[1] & stop.