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25 June 2012

Mix Act Duration
Primordial (Original Mix) Solarity 8:30

It was a long road from 2009. Having released their album the year before, Harriman & Granger-Howell thankfully chose to leave, to their own label. Their goodbye was as good as we could hope for from them.
The primordial of Primordial is its appropriately simplicated tune, but even though the tune is never a spiderweb, a thread can be made to do. The tune is bare as a plate in a famine, but there is somehow something to chew on: the style & climactic eruption.
The light, tribalic drums snap and snip away aside the tuneful breeze of the waxen pentapartite repeater, thickly setting the atmosphere of active, hunter-slatherer ritual and mysterious rongorongoism to masterlily contrast the old against the blindingly shining future.
But the rainforest is known for its fog. It rolls in mayonnaisely, cloaking every leaf, until a siren emerges from the depth: the simple call announces so much more. The long road up these lunar Alps is studded with scattering hits, a faradic touch. But the most unsplittable metal music in Anjuna history splits more than Little Boy ever did. 2:45 is a recreation & embellishment of our solar system's birth, unthinkably fast collisions of metal hot enough to melt Antarctica & boil the oceans away from untrekkable distances. The merciless, tyrannical mech beats away, showing a new tune, a wonder as cryptic as our origin, the extreme past fusing with the far future. Each asundercrack marking each quarter is a quasar's gammapolacypse siren. The second climax adds another, higher eruption of humanity & our weakness & pain over the first round, showing a new plane of our minds, as well as the whins from the start. AD 04 is lucky to have this, & so are we.