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11 June 2012

Mix Act Duration
Progress (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 7:11
Progress (Nitrous Oxide Remix) Oliver Smith 7:17

Progress (Original Mix)

Smith took a long OM break between Under The Wire & 2014's Evermore. His egress was worth it: he returned from his hiatus with much better music than his Phlegethontic 2011-2. He left off on AB with this banally titled tearworker, a floorkicker from the first tock of that beat. The base tune is infused from the start, though. Very unusually, even maximal parts of the song are unveiled in the second minute, first the rufescent yet grey tunetease, then the sweetened sugar of the squeaky horns. The degressing lightbells are another of his last somnolist cards.
The clown horns have two outfits, one blunter & bleaker, the other less contrary to the base tune while snapping the rails it ran on. The final congression is a wiggly whistle that adorns this lighthearted, timepassing track. It's so coddling despite the complexity that it feels like it should be spelt 'Progräss', or 'Faerie'. Nevertheless, this aery attitude fits this laidback thromper.

Progress (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

KP would go on his own two-year break (from standards) the year after. His remix cleaned up OS's pillow style for a hardtronic electrorazor, even making the technologic echoes ring more mechanically. Mesmerising. It's that future style of his. Not only is the converted tune tighter & more unified, but the sound is confined to a rollercoaster that can fling its power anywhere anytime. Pretkiewicz actually waited until the end to release his upgraded souljerker, so it hits brickly. Despite being a conversion, his mix is a high-range duplicate: the style is different enough to be a remix, & the revision of the horns to an ethereal brainbuster must be lauded.[1]

  1. I heard this mix first (in 2014). When I heard the OM, I was surprised at how strangely early everything is.