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10 November 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Pyramid (Original Mix) Jaytech 124 B minor 7:19
Pyramid (Club Mix) Jaytech 129 B minor 7:00
Pyramid (Dinka Remix) Jaytech 128 A major 6:48

The fourth & final single from Jaytech's album Everything Is OK is handled well.

Pyramid (Original Mix)

Each moment leaves a slug trail of neurostalgia. The most dangerous, industrial anger cracks to dust any feelings of safety & contentment. Pyramid is the apex of restless violence, built upon an Antarctica of frozen blood, weighing heavier with sorrow, pulsing with mechanical whiplashes, scarring into us what psychedelia without mercy feels like. What an achievement.

Pyramid (Club Mix)

Scintillating with tenth-dimensional fire, this casts a death-purple shadow over the OM. Now, the OM synth rings on & on next to a psychotodeific abyss overflowing with rhodium tears. They flow better as one hellvortex, the sad gashes ripping the ground, meshing with the bouncy night-melody drawing tears like they're blood. This is the vantablackest fruit: fun & spunky, with trauma & damage flared like feathers throughout. Crying was never this pleasurable.

Pyramid (Dinka Remix)

Dinka softened the wrath & gave us a summery ditty, a smaller, less intense experiment with less to praise & more earworms to shake off. The OM synth is now just overbearing on the much better steppes of morose appearance, if not the animated energy of grief. I wouldn't have this if it weren't in AB06.