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21 December 2010

Mix Act Duration
Quadcore (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer & Trifonic & Matt Lange 8:02
Quadcore (Steve Duda Remix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer & Trifonic & Matt Lange 6:16

Could be hexacore, what's the difference?

Quadcore (Original Mix)

Bayer himself made songs that sounded like they were made by twelve people, did he need three others? The club gimmick didn't change the sound of the song: it still sounds like it was made by one person. Most of it is an electronik, mirthful riff, & in between lies a penumbrous tune, stonefishy in potency, & just as benthic. Whoever made this did not need three others: this binary lygophilia swings up & down through this cave. Worth the wait, this spoonful of dusk needs no sugar.

Quadcore (Steve Duda Remix)

Duda thought that adding a few piano chords would improve it. He was wrong. It is just the OM with useless frills. He should have changed it, not simply decorated it. 'Pentacore' is somehow less than 'Quadcore' ever was.