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Eternality of beauty.


4 May 2001

Title Act Duration BPM
Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin' Mix) Tranquility Base 7:39 136
Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix) Tranquility Base 8:14 138

Click here for the first remixes.
Click here for the later remixes. Razorfish is more than just the first true classic of Anjunabeats. This macarism was spun by platinum silkworms fed on black opal leaves. Titanic orphic prodigality came more frequently back then.

Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)

One of the three almost indistinguishable mixes of Razorfish, this is not the supremest.
The reverbed vocals, common to the mixes, is freezing.

Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin' Mix)

This is the deluxe model of the three: violins, vocals, & pads summate a majestic experience. Even the expanse between climaxes is tolerable, due to the creative melodic piece.