Razorfish (Remixes)

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Something good came out of this.


20 January 2003[1]

Title Act Duration
Razorfish (Above & Beyond Full On Mix) Tranquility Base 8:18
Razorfish (Aspekt Chill Out Mix) Tranquility Base 5:56

This eternal gift from Sybaris is beyond classic: this is legendary. Thankfully, it has several more remixes. Click here for the original mixes.
Click here for the other remixes.

Razorfish (Above & Beyond Full On Mix)

Full-on is a psy-trance style. Full-on psychedelic trance is high-energy music for peak moments. Often having melodic, energetic & crisp basslines with a high bpm (usually 140 to 148 bpm). I assume that's what they were aiming for when they made this mix, which is totally unnecessary apart from the psychedelic, original synth winding throughout the climax (one of the essentials of Razorfish).

Razorfish (Aspekt Chill Out Mix)

Smith & Pledger's Chill Out Mix is a breaks reshape. They concentrated on the vocals: they didn't modify them, though there is emphasis on them. & there is a nice deep bassline placing emphasis on the notes.
There are also some incongruous psychedelic sound effects that are really entrancing. This is far from the best remix (they need to be somewhat creative), though it is objectively supernal.

Razorfish (Junk Science Remix)

Made as part of the Anjunabeats One Hundred celebrations, this block of frozen faeces that some imbecile decided to slap an Anjuna 'a' on is no surprise coming from the same philistines who remixed Worldwide, & made My Name Is Jacques.

Razorfish (Bart Claessen 2007 Rework)

Released in Anjunabeats One Hundred, the most electronic mix of Razorfish was deemed a 'classic' by whatever intoxicated monkey complied Classics 02. Claessen's effort is entirely superfluous. This remix is entirely unoriginal. Claessen still had a long way to go to get to his annus mirabilis.