Re-Murdered / The Promised Loop / Global Warm-Up

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22 June 2010

Mix Act
Re-Murdered (Original Mix) 16 Bit Lolitas
The Promised Loop (Original Mix) 16 Bit Lolitas
Global Warm-Up (Original Mix) 16 Bit Lolitas

The last release before a four-year

Re-Murdered (Original Mix)

This is two of three for 16BL's Murder Weapon. 'Re-Murdered' is a great way to put what they did to it. The old gold reheated was warmed with sulphur fumes. They re-re-murdered it in AD 08 (they should have called it that), but this AD 02 obloquy has a more grinding bass, alienesque rattling, & earbleeding scrapes. The one un-re-stultified part is the new intravenous heptanitrocubane drip that lasts for 30 seconds from 7:00 on, which should have been a whole song, not a faint UFO recording.
The rest of this is ophthalmalgia. Worse than a retread, as the title promises, RM confounds tapeworms with the inhumanity.

The Promised Loop (Original Mix)

The first tingles of this mellow, aphotic, sepulchral tune might palpate your vertebral column, but listening to it the whole way through reveals that 'loop' is too literal. This arsenic mobius strip never materialises its promise of a numinous delve into deep trance.
This send-off doesn't sound right.

Global Warm-Up (Original Mix)

Imprecations fit this zoonose. Realise, there was no more 16BL for four years after this.
That's sad, because this "song" is not. Tautophony does not convey the anguish this causes, instead of emotional catharsis, like music gives.