Reach Your Soul / Nu Dup

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No Dup.


2 February 2010

Mix Act
Reach Your Soul (Original Mix) Hernan Cerbello
Nu Dup (Original Mix) Hernan Cerbello

Reach Your Soul (Original Mix)

This synthesist lit it & split it with this single doublet. This AD 02 fuse doesn't even start until 4:53, but you'll be ablaze when it does. The title is proper: the Argentinian Melpomene could freeze WR 102 just by sneezing at it. The climax starts lifelessly, but it resumes the heart-snapfreezing with delectating verve. RYS reaches your soul faster than tetrodotoxin, & with more shocking effects.

Nu Dup (Original Mix)

James Grant often chose the wrong track to include. This time, he had chosen correctly. A+ on surprising us, brother of Jono.