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18 April 2011

Mix Act
Rebound (Original Mix) Arty & Mat Zo
Rebound (Omnia Remix) Arty & Mat Zo

This was stolen from them by Black Eyed Peas; both have a long history of theft.

Rebound (Original Mix)

Over the fifteen years, many seraphnesses were dreamt up & planned out. But this one took place the historic milestone 'Two Hundred' for a reason. The prize of bicentennial went to Stolyarov & Zohar, one of the most eminent & prolific musicians, & the creator, Arty. Now, to delve.
The beginning is like nothing else in the history of the universe- a good start. There's no fuse, it's a constant explosion that lasts several minutes. In the first seconds, we meet the caliginous quaternary decline, heralding the end of times; the jumping beat; & the acoustical whips & springs & snaps that overshine everthing. They form a pungent twist that burns the world with a spark, a lever that can move the Earth, the primordial cell & the primordial atom blossoming into all. After some shifting susurrations, serrations germinate & take root, inflorescing into the greatest drop humanity took, 'the Rebound tune', a Zohar invention, as seen in his remixes of Music is For Rich People by Soliquid, & Black Room Boy. Here, it is the most grinding, peine forte et dure to the soul as it is. The gaps & jungle beats are especially poignant next to the knife racks that is the electrotrash of Rebound.
The tune shames all national anthems: Artyom's despondent downpour flexuosely dives through Jupiter's core, fusing acidly with Zohar's. A light shower finishes up the tune, then after a brief warm-up with a volcano, it's back to the Acheron rain.

Rebound (Omnia Remix)

His first of two Anjuna things was this Vol 9 special, which is all Arty & no Zo. It's merely an orthodox trance conversion, so damn him; he hurt Ukraine more than Putin.


This is perhaps the only Anjunabeats song with its own Wikipedia[1] page.[2] stole it for his 2013 album, for a song featuring Chris Brown.
This article[3] details the crimes of the Black Eyed Peas, such as stealing from 'Phoenix Phenom', 'Freeland', 'Daft Punk', 'JJ Fad', & now our beloved A[4] & MZ. An excerpt from one of[5] many[6] articles:
Arty took to twitter claiming that never cleared the rights with Anjunabeats, who owns the rights for “Rebound.” Jono Grant tweeted earlier, “Poor form by Will I am nicking @mat_zo and @arty_music ‘s track “Rebound” without asking the artist or label @anjunabeats ! #dotherightthing” (since deleted). Mat Zo has seemingly deactivated his twitter account in disgust. This isn’t the first controversy to spark behind #willpower. British singer-songwriter Tulisa is currently suing Will for song royalties to “Scream & Shout.” Update: “Bang Bang,” also uploaded today, mimics the exact chord progression from the drop in Sandro Silva and Quintino’s “Epic.” Listen to Will.I.Am’s drop at 2:15 in. Hear probably Mat Zo's voice here. Brown & Will's voices don't sound as good.
& this is valuable stuff: Rebound is the #1 video on Anjunabeats.[7]