Red Moon Slide / Cornflake

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2 June 2008

Mix Act Key Duration
Red Moon Slide (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide D major 8:00
Cornflake (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide A# major 8:43

His previous release Waves was calamitous. His fifth release reiterates that.

Red Moon Slide (Original Mix)

The ingemination of Waves conveys an addled time in his discography. This is not his sound. This banal execration only tars & feathers his good, inexpressible name. This EP is some vapid, 'uplifting' excrement to be expected from a puerile philistine on another label. Genericness abounds.
Take Red Moon Slide for example. 'Red Moon' is one of N2O's aliases, used around 2013, throughout his hiatus. That counts for nothing. Every second feels less from AB, & more from landfill, with more detritivores. They have more to feed on here, & it overpowers even them.
These platitudes are what he fell back on when he didn't have any cows to slaughter. Mere grasshoppers cannot suffice, their macilent fillings could not satisfy the peckish, much less us, the ravenous. Waves left us malnourished. The pads repudiate any humanity. Even dogs are confounded at the rhypophagy. Maximum pollice verso, Oxide.

Cornflake (Original Mix)

The minima de malis definitely has a piqueing edge, the same way water washes away the acid of vomit. The mechanic vigour, the spills & pathos; all of these desirable qualities unite as less than the sum of their parts, strangely. The positives only scantly provoke, & they ostensibly cohere not in the least, since Cornflake is less bold & consummate than a soggy flake.
The sleeve this comes in is a better reason to buy this, same as the worth of the box relative to the wheat.
Even actual cornflakes have more flavour than this. Though he redeemed himself many times over with his next release.