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12 February 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Reflect (Original Mix) Maor Levi 134 F major 8:27
Illumina (Original Mix) Maor Levi 128 A# minor 8:53

Maor Levi's penultimate release on Anjunadeep is almost as ephemeral as his others.

Reflect (Original Mix)

Deep trance has never been more piercingly atramental. The hexcraft on the vocals & atmosphere is divine, & this remains a blisteringly brumal masterpiece.
It begins with some simple electrotrash. This slides into the tune, an anthem of lacrimogenosity. In the breakdown, a guitar is accompanied by hadalpelagic vocal cuts. Piano adjuvates the climax. Darker & harder than onyx, this song is the apogee of Maor's early days.

Reflect (Jerome Isma-ae & Daniel Portman Remix)

This is mostly chyme. The climax is just drossy trash. However, the lead-up has the vocals juxtaposed with the OM thrown into potassium chlorate to unlock the fullest potential. The piano is dripping with highlighter fluid, though we need more, because 95% of this mix is just useless banging. Nonetheless, it isn't atrocious for something out of 10 Years Of Anjunabeats.

Illumina (Original Mix)

This is in much the same style as Reflect, though without the effort or care. This is nine minutes of dull, emotionless excrement.
Unfortunately, this poisons both Vol 4 & WW 2, but they weren't great otherwise. Plus, this was made by Velvetine, so maybe he wasn't so "precocious" after all.