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4 May 2001, maybe.[1]


Title Act Duration BPM Verdict
Release (Original Mix) Free State 6:50 140 Great
Release (Dirt Devils Rumpus Dub Mix) Free State 7:02 140 Garbage

It's true: they had to wait for the fourth (really the third) release on Anjunabeats for something divine. If this sounds familiar, that's because it is. It was totally reshaped for something which I shall remember later. Sorry.

Release (Original Mix)

The tune drops in less than two minutes in, leading to a tuneful climax. It lasts for one & a half minutes. Then comes minutes of useless electrotrash. Then another short climax rolls in, followed by the outro. The tune is great & there are some nice vocals. There are some great violins, & this is objectively a more than palatable, nice song, although inferior to the later reshape.

Release (Dirt Devils Rumpus Dub Mix)

This is just tuneless garbage. The going quiet effect does nothing to help, as always. & even the trash is trash. 'Belvedere' by Rodrigo Deem & 'Big Ben' by ilan Bluestone have genius electrotrash, & this remix has none.
This has the sound effects of car screeching & crowd cheering. Since when are Above & Beyond (good) Foley artists? Never.