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Heliolatry, 24 hours a day.


14 April 2003


Title Act
Remember P.O.S.
Amnesiac P.O.S.

'P.O.S.' stands for Paavo Olavi Siljamäki, one of the three members of Above & Beyond. This is his solo two-tracker.

Remember (Summer Sun)

Written whilst in college[1], this is worth the wait: Siljamaki whipped up enough tears with this levigate datsuzoku to fill APM 08279+5255[2]. This ephemeral yet tigrine electrifier dips between so many different lacrimations, that its complexity can't be matched by spiders flooding trees, or the Tanzanian economy. You'll remember this summer sun more than any melanoma: it's priceless.


Did he make this in kindergarten? This hard electrotrance is still better than much of Anjunabeats, being experimental & bold, but isn't very touching. Whoever would name their song this is probably self-flagellating.