Remember September

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19 March 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Remember September (Original Mix) Boom Jinx 128 C minor 8:50
Remember September (Duderstadt Remix) Boom Jinx 133 F minor 8:49

Boom Jinx's second benthic release escalated his effulgence.

Remember September (Original Mix)

This deep melodic trance is paradisaical. Cascading, imbricated melodies smoulder amongst a cimmerian bassline in a highlight of Volume 5. Even the electrotrash is oneiric.
I still don't know who Bergersen is, nor what he does, since there are no vocals.
A small segment of higher-pitched melody thankfully adds tuneful antipathy.

Remember September (Duderstadt Remix)

Duderstadt debut by incinerating the OM. The torrefaction begins with restructuring, injecting cold atrament & deblurring the tintinnabulation. The pace is heightened as well. This is the mix that should been in Volume 5.
The never-failing technique of repeating the first few notes/bar of melody over the bassline is here, elevating this to thaumaturgy.