Reperfusion EP

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30 November 2010

Mix Act
Reperfusion (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Angiogenesis (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Ubiquitination (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Inflammation (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos

That title may raise your hopes, if you know what it means. But it's just a cruel trick.


Noun: (medicine) the restoration of blood flow to an organ, after it was cut off (e.g. in an operation). But nothing could be dryer than Kroos' veins, that's why he has to fill them up again with whatever's lying around. & this is what he found: anemia in a bottle. There's no perfusion here.


He's fond of medical terms. When you make a "song" a day, you might as well give up on other efforts. But this time, he put aside the needles & reminded us of why he gets to put his name next to the 'a'. The formation and development of new blood vessels is one of his rare trips to being human, & not a computer program: his violin- the best instrument- resembles all national anthems, if they were graphic- rheographic.[1] His music of the spheres, Ozite & superluminal, soon departs, replaced by clysmian deep tech, with extra tech. Qomolangman.


Go right now to a website that generates trance music, download one, & listen to it. See how it's better than this? Hear how it has notes, that change as time goes on? This is worse than that ozona, Reperfusion.


Bodywalk is also a great example of Kroos' soulscraping, heavy deep tech. I delve into the asomatous Inflammation not for any tune, but for its pataphysical hallucination. This is Challenger Deep psychonautics, so prepare yourself for the spiritual torrefaction.

  1. Usually he's just lexicographic.
  2. Noun: (biochemistry) the modification of a protein by the covalent attachment of one or more ubiquitin molecules.