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7 January 2013

Mix Act Duration
Revolved Eximinds[1] 5:42

'Eximindo' is Portuguese for 'absolving'. That's apt for this song, since they'll need some eximindo themselves for it. Revolved is full of crushingly sharp liquid electrotrash, the only reason to allow it to reach your ears. As for a reason to enjoy it, that magical trophy never appears. In place of a tune, we have an unwavering vocal cut that mimics a melody very well, but where a robot will always fail, any human can easily succeed. The egested paper they throw in two minutes is the more tempestless than a mute ASMRtist's silent treatment. The waves in Death Valley are higher than this flat bindi of a timewaste. To think, someone approved this for AB10. Repulsive.
Alexander Zhukov & Dmitriy Momzikov have good music on other labels. On AB, they were never seen again, victims of the era's slowly revolving door syndrome.