Room Service

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24 August 2009

Mix Act
Room Service (Original Mix) Interplay
Room Service (Club Mix) Interplay
Room Service (Alternative Mix) Interplay

Stalin's government placed what little food they had on top of silos filled with other material, to give the impression that they were productive & good at their jobs. In the same way, Vermeulen chose to substitute music for repetitive sound.
Vermeulen never contributed anything worth listening to until 2011, & even then I thank his collaborators. This Ста́лин си́лос™ is the second track on AD 01. The pufferfish of a Beatport page lies like a dictatorship: "Johan really has been busy with this release". No. 'Johan' moves as fast as a tree, & is less musically inclined. Every mix of Room Service should have been rejected, along with the 'artist'.