Rush (by Arty)

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More of an earleech.


22 June 2010

Mix Act BPM Key
Rush (Original Mix) Arty 133 C minor
Rush (Dan Stone Remix) Arty 138 D# minor
Rush (Tech Mix) Arty 133 F minor

Russian right in.

Rush (Original Mix)

Arty's debut was quickly displaced by his better work. Despite inclusion in Vol 8, this earworm is the most neglectable, forgettable autocoprophagy unleashed on us. Rush is typical of his work then, with exactly the same style, & almost the same kind of tune, though he did wondrously elsewhere. The electrotrash is a harsh, fast plangency, delightfully vibing beachfully. Then there's the tune.
This calculated antisense iterates with all the love of a machine gun. Rush repeats with all the humanity of the preprogrammed call centre that it is. Rush goes down, then up again, like a guillotine on children. Arty never should have considered this for release.

Rush (Dan Stone Remix)

Stone brought his trademark 'stone dead' technique to an already mulched corpse. That is all there is to say of this beweeviledness.

Rush (Tech Mix)

There should be more TMs. Many more.
The first of only two TMs on Anjunabeats, this one has a tuneless climax for some reason. The tune is durationally restricted, & restricted by being based off the OM. It hints at better things to come, but just collapses in a mess inferior to the smoothly rough OM trash. More like dreck mix.