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11 November 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Rush (Original Mix) Mat Zo 130 A major 8:24
Defined (Original Mix) Mat Zo 130 C# major 7:58

This was Mat Zo's first release. His disastrous remix of Fallen Tides was His debut, but this demonstrated His skill. Released when He was 18, this EP is a stunning introduction to Zohar's magnificence.

Rush (Original Mix)

How many songs are there named 'Rush'? There are four on Anjunabeats alone. This was the second.
If you are reading this, be glad. You have found the sight of the nacrous gates as a song. The entire journey precursed Beckwith's N To Brooklyn, another train ride emulating song, with terminal effects, cadence echoing railroad noises, & general transport soundscaping instilling an atmosphere of motion & action. Even at this early stage, Mat Zo was adept at creating whole worlds to explore.
The climax is a beauteous cloudburst of vivid bashes that subsides into more fluid euphoria. Sine dubio lucent.
Even the minute of fadeout isn't irritiating, due to his extremely progressive ingenuity, so much so that to this day, Rush makes most other musicians look narrower. Thankfully, Matan revisited this the next year.

Defined (Original Mix)

This one was chosen for Volume 6, his first appearance on a Volume. In contrast to Rush, this has less coherent atmosphere, & a tune that wouldn't be the best, even if it were solitary. This tune is macilent & otiose. Fortunately, banality was as rare as edoylerite[1] for Mat Zo, & just as frangible. It is one of the worst non sequiturs on Anjunabeats. His songs were flatter than Autralia for not much longer after this.