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30 October 2006

Mix Musician
Sadistick (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Sadistick (Deep Vocal Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Sadistick (Deep Instrumental Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Sadistick (Techno Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Sadistick (To Be Able Mix) Stephen J Kroos

Sadistick (Original Mix)

Included in Anjunabeats Worldwide 01, along with other trash, this has celestial vocal work, in every way, including tunefully. They appear early on, along with some of the electrotrash, then have an a capella segment in the middle, followed by an electrotrash climax.
Unfortunately, the vocals are completely & abjectly wasted on these instrumentals that sound reprehensible per se, & with a tune would be brilliant: there is nice synth, some electrotrash with fast pads, & some emotional pads. Though nothing that I would consider a tune!
Wasting these superb vocals is cruel & sadistic.

Sadistick (Deep Vocal Mix)

This one actually has a tune! Unfortunately, it isn't impressive.
Although the instrument is interesting, & like the rest of Kroos' oeuvre, alternative, the tune is iterative, & emotionally enervated.

Sadistick (Deep Instrumental Mix)

This stupidly removes everything & anything that was good about the Deep Mix: the vocals.

Sadistick (Techno Mix)

This is trash. There is nothing of any value whatsoever in this.

Sadistick (To Be Able Mix)

This is the best of this EP, due to its stylistic tribal house dash. That isn't saying much. Even syphilis (second worst STI) looks good compared to cancer. There's still no tune, nor impressive electrotrash.