Safe (Wherever You Are)

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8 March 2010

Mix Act
Safe (Wherever You Are) (Original Mix) Velvetine
Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix) Velvetine
Safe (Wherever You Are) (Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Remix) Velvetine

This is the debut of Velvetine, & a Vol 7 entry. Let's see why 1. that's tragic, 2. we saw Velvetine next in 2012.

Safe (Wherever You Are) (Original Mix)

Less like velvet, & more like xerotripsis, Safe is so flagitiously bland, that it gives me no details to describe this torpescent pablum. I see why the person who actually made it, Mark Sixma[1], did not want his name on this.

Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix)

Every salvageable part of the OM has been repurposed for this Crusoesque miracle. The Dutch superduo used Aruna's impeccable vocals on top of an original tune, one that pushes the OM so far underground, that it came out the other side of Neptune. Cimmerian, simple, & doing the vocals utopian levels of justice, this remix is what the OM should have been, though it's almost too simple, as though detached from purpose.

Safe (Wherever You Are) (Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Remix)

There is a dub mix of this. That fact alone should fully explain how smart these two are. Her voice only appears in one minute of it! Can someone arrange help for them? Because this is only slightly worse than the original Blofeld.

  1. M6