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This has more remixes than any other Anjunabeats song except Thing Called Love.


4 March 2015.[1] Yes, that's right.

Click here for ilan Bluestone's remix.
Click here for the obscure remixes of Satellite.


Title Act Key BPM Duration
Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix) OceanLab A minor 140 7:45
Satellite (Markus Schultz Coldharbour Mix) OceanLab A minor 132 11:15

An extremely esteemed OceanLab song, Satellite was released in 2004. On the first day of the year, in fact, according to[2].
The 'Original Above & Beyond Mix' is 18 seconds longer than the Original Mix, which can only be found in Sirens Of The Sea Remixed. This Above & Beyond Mix was included in Anjunabeats 100. It is the OM. No changes were made.

Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix)

This is so esteemed, that it was singled out for a remix a decade after it was released. & it is a good thing that it was, because this is margaritiferous, just like all other OceanLab songs, except the post-SOTS ones. The pads' beauty grows faster than bamboo once the violins drop. All heaven breaks loose from that instrument.
& the vocals are a tangible, incarnate delight. Which made this perfect for the first acoustic mash-up.
This is in the orthodox trance style. There is some almost syncopation/out of time timing here.

Satellite (Music Video)

See the Tecktonick album cover? Stare at that for three minutes & you'll get the same, but with less lens flares. I could have made this sepia eyesore when I was four. The hole left by the story is not filled. Repeating images of OceanLab with television screens is an idea barely complex enough to be stealable. The depleted, dried-bones video has two or three quarter-ideas at most. This style is named 'lazy futurism', devoid of substance & creativity.

Satellite (Markus Schultz Coldharbour Mix)

This one-timing German-American felt the need to tell us that he has a label named Coldharbour, as though we didn't know, or he was just desperate. This protracted mix consummately atramentalises. The simplicity makes it almost psychedelic. Still not seraphic though.