Satellite (The Obscure Remixes)

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Reelased on Ultra in 2004[1], these are some obscure remixes[2] of 'Satellite' by OceanLab.
Click here for the OM. Click here for ilan Bluestone's remix.

Satellite (Radio Edit)
Satellite (Above & Beyond Mix)
Satellite (Markus Schultz Coldharbour Mix)
Satellite (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)
Satellite (Flipside Mix)
Satellite (3 Colours Mix)
Satellite (Alucard's Saving Spaceghost Mix)
Satellite (Paul Brekeman Remix)
Satellite (Poison Pro Remix)
Satellite (Boldt & Steinweg Remix)
Satellite (Andreas Reuterberg Remix)
Satellite (Filo & Peri Remix)
Satellite (Devotion Remix)
Satellite (Blue Pace Remix)
Satellite (Floris de Haan Remix)

Markus' is his acephalan mix, just half a minute shorter. The 'Above & Beyond' Progressive Mix is half-psychedelic, all disappointing. Flipside put the 'evil' in 'weevily'; 3 Colours is abulic iteration; Alucard somniferously refuses to blow our brains; Paul 'More Dance' Brekeman similarly declined to amaze anyone; Poison Pro is on the same sinking raft; Boldt & Steinweg easily outclass the rest of these mooks with their swooping shadows, but miss any consistency or attention-hunting sparks; Andreas Reuterberg is not going anywhere near acceptability now or ever; he is joined by Filo & Peri; Devotion came the closest to unwasted time, the way Neptune is closer than Pluto; Blue Pace is too planar to be heard; Floris de Haan is unusually usual classical, ie violin = talent, no brain required. Seven Lions 2011[3] trancestep is always welcome, but necessary is his creativity, which lacks here but for a little atmospherics.