Self Assemble

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Self Assemble
by Mat Zo
Released March 25, 2016 (2016-March-25)
Mat Zo chronology
Damage Control
(2013)Damage Control2013
Self Assemble

This is Mat Zo's second album, & the first album released on his label, Mad Zoo. It doesn't matter that this was not nominated for a Grammy unlike Damage Control. But it's a few tredecillion steps down nonetheless.
Whereas Damage Control is stylistic anarchy, Self Assemble songs can be classified as funk, electronica, or progressive house. Whenever he does funk, he's fine, at least. But the existence of only three[1] seraphic songs versus Damage Control's fifteen makes this as easy to swallow as human flesh.
In conclusion, don't buy this album, like I did.[2] For remixes, see Self Assemble Remixes.

Track listing

All tracks written by Mat Zo.

1."Order Out of Chaos"3:11
2."The Enemy" (featuring Sinead Egan)3:31
3."Sinful" (featuring I See Monstas)3:47
4."Patterns Emerging"1:41
5."Killing Time"4:19
6."Smacked Up On Jack"1:50
7."Ruffneck Bad Boy" (VIP)4:21
8."Lights Out"4:51
9."Soul Food"5:05
10."Stereo No Aware"5:38
11."Too Late" (featuring Sinead Egan)4:33
12."The Last Transmission"1:36

Order Out of Chaos

Blending electronica, cinematic, & ecclesiastical music, OOOC is a suitable opener for an album Mat Zo said he wanted "to be like a score for a movie that doesn't exist". This executive order showcases a trinary of cinematica: at 1:55 the choir halates in a spinning & rebounding chiaroscuro; 2:27 the acme of prevernality; 2:40 the most gorgeous polar crepuscule. This controlled chaos does not adhere to any traditional song structure. That's fine: it rollercoasts all the same.

The Enemy

It's sad to see an album peak so early. Usually I wouldn't even mention bad tracks when reviewing an album, but it's Mat Zo. Anyway, without delay, The Enemy merits being the best song of SA. It may be iterative, but it's more penetrative than any radioactivity. Although you shouldn't buy Self Assemble, you should buy this: The Enemy is your friend.


The sole music video of Self Assemble went to this, a third-rate funk attempt featuring Zohar's good friends I See Monstas. The music video, the only thing worth reviewing here, is his best. I won't spoil it here- I highly recommend buying it. This is what music videos should be: inventive, surprising, & magical. The music video is taken for granted by most artists. It is a unique medium; visuals, with focus on the sound. You can do anything. I still recall watching the first half, then buying it, then watching it & losing control of my jaw. It's inspirational.
Ridley Scott could not do a better job of warping science fiction, & judging by Prometheus, he isn't. I tried to dissertate it for an essay on gender, & I couldn't. Still a wondrous music video, though.

Patterns Emerging

Damage Control's interlude Like It Used To Be was given it's own extended 'Instrumental Mix' on Soundcloud, which you should listen to right now. I hope it'll be available for download. It was given that treatment because it's valuable. Patterns Emerging, however, already had it's extended mix: the next song, Killing Time. Both are aptronymous. & 'pattern' is an anagram of 'reptant'.[3]

Killing Time

Stimulating the patterns emerging market, we have this patterns emergency. Killing Time is the self-deprecatingly named drum & bass/soul fusion waste of time. The style is superb, & changes over the course of the song, a stellar talent of Zohar's. But it's substance that feeds the soul, & this provides less nourishment than a chia Obama. This'll kill more than time, if you give it time.

Smacked Up On Jack

The only other interlude tells the story of a "nice crazy guy" before spontaneously erupting into Middle-Eastern/garage nonsense. Again, the style is mind-twisting, but there's nothing to applaud at.


Ruffneck Bad Boy (VIP Mix)

This is a slightly altered version of the OM. I can't classify the genre. That's good. However, you can download the OM for free on Mat Zo's Soundcloud, like I did back in 2014. I sat down to listen to it, & was shocked when I reached the end. I had forgotten how it began. The middle & the ends are worlds apart.
The 'VIP' mix is no improvement. The tune is still palatable.

Lights Out

Inexplicably released as a single, the third single has less tune than the sound of a tree[4] growing, thanks to him stealing everything[5] from The Bar Kays' 1967 song 'Soul Finger'. So much from the OM is here. & it's not even a good song. It begins as though it'll lead somewhere, then never does. Thankfully it's short, unlike 'Lights Out'. I still recall my shock at hearing some glasseater declare that it was the best Self Assemble single yet as they pushed the button. The drop is a little stunning, but it's not worth paying for.

Soul Food

Just as Bipolar & Moderate Stimulation took inspiration from previous songs, Soul Food is also a supremely creative exodus from the source material. Sampling the Brothers Johnson 1976[6] song 'I'll Be Good To You', Soul Food, the name reminiscent of Soul Finger, is a sensualist way to update a song. Funk is a good genre. With Soul Food, Mat Zo baits us in, then switches to mind-fractalising nu-electrofunk. Occasionally surfacing, Soul Food is submerged in Pacific fathomage.

Stereo No Aware

Another calm lead-in to a dangerous convulsion, Stereo No Aware takes yet another monochromatic tune & flourishes it with what is this time herile electrotrash. As with Lights Out, it doesn't warrant buying.

Too Late

Too Late, like Mat Zo, reinvents itself every minute. This evolution is a space elevator, from the calm & unprovoking troposphere of half-folk, to the stratospheric garage, & then WE GET HIT BY THE METEOROID OF WHATEVER THE CLIMAX IS. Then it's back to soil.

The Last Transmission

A bland grouping of ear-scratching squeaks, immobile pads, & inert violin. More is happening on the Moon than in this.

  1. or four, if you include Ruffneck Bad Boy
  2. Buy only Order Out Of Chaos, The Enemy, & Soul Food.
  3. & 'patterns' is an anagram of 'transept'.
  4. Yes, they make a sound.