Self Assemble Remixes

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Ejusdem farinae.

Self Assemble has no remix LP, unlike SOTS & Rise. It had a few singles, though. Here they are chronologically:

Soul Food (Last Island Remix)

Like Self Assemble, the remix slew peaked early. First with a glabrous, calcitrating interpretation of the beat, then an extraneous chameleonic shift to ink. This whole remix is aural kruptadia.

Sinful (Remixes)

Louis La Roche, Mason, & the Teddy Killerz (sic, as always) produced a triad worse than the real ones. Yes, they're that simple.

Lights Out (CM)

As usual with Mat Zo's 'club mixes', it's actually just an extended mix with almost imperceptible changes. Nothing more.


The Enemy (Fred V & Grafix)

This is an original, plaintive take. However, while pleasant, it isn't mind-ascending. Feel free to buy it, though. You might enjoy it.

Horribile dictu.

Too Late (Matt Lange Remix)

Matt Lange went sloth years before. Once a time, he reliably gave the best in deep tech. Now, he just does industrial tech, & he's not good at it. So him remixing anything was a bad move.
Well, it's nocent. No surprise there.