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10 November 2005

Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Sequential (Original Mix) Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant G# major 136 8:12
Sequential (Pig & Dan Remix) Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant A major 130 8:12

Sequential is Koglin & Grant's successor to Circuits, which was a very poor coalescence. This was their final collaboration on Anjunabeats. 'Sequential Circuits' was a nice iota of wit, namely apposition.

Sequential (Original Mix)

After some unspecial electrotrash, we hear some simple, iterative tintinnabulation, which is the lead-in to the tune. It becomes important as soon as the tune drops.
The tune is an interminably alternative, atrabilious & Elysium[1] creation. This ephemeral wonder is boundlessly deserving of another remix.
The vocal work is limited to small moaning. It enhances the already celestial experience.
Thankfully, this was showcased in Volume 3.

Sequential (Pig & Dan Remix)

This has nothing to do with the OM. The tunes are not similar nor cognate in any way.
This very tech remix begins with a minute & a half of simple pads expressing the tune, with interspersed vocals; followed by simply the tune more extensively expressed, in a synth now, sounding like it's in another room. The beginning joins it, this amalgamation being soon accompanied by an alternating effect of emotion that augments the already charged melancholia.
The tune breakdown establishes nothing new, & is in fact a continuation of the contemporaneous tune, which goes well with the fact that it saunters without any gravitas into the climax, which is the same as before, though with electronic bird sounds. Other instruments appear & reappear to improve this rework, which reverts to the other room sound.
These instruments, nor anything else, do not make this remix splendiferous. The most memorable thing about it is that of the whole eight minutes, there is only half a minute of electrotrash, which is confined to the end.