Seven Years

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9 August 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Seven Years (Original Mix) Thomas Datt 130 7:47
Seven Years (Ronski Speed Remix) Thomas Datt 130 7:24
Seven Years (Deep Voices Remix) Thomas Datt 130 6:19

He's back.

Seven Years (Original Mix)

Apparently ruining a song already deemed a fecaloma wasn't enough for him. He had to really make his mark. But he couldn't have done it if Vol 8 hadn't been spiked with this asthenia. It feels like much more than a decade in this heptadic Hepatitis Datt. Uplifting trance never sounded so platitudinarian. This quarter of a tune isn't even a full attempt at a zoonosis, which it would still be even if he tried. In other words, he failed at failing.
He tried to compensate by making most of it just prog trance electrotrash, but the insults don't cover up his desperate, flailing rancidness that even computer programs wouldn't touch. So this got two remixes.

Seven Years (Ronski Speed Remix)

Ronski responded to that mire by showing us how progressive 2010 could get. Cranking it all the way up to -8, he control-Ced & control-Ved to his heart's delight, managing a heartbeat or two. A tuneful climax, though brief, shows us what Krakowiak didn't want to: SY is a teratoma on the face of humankind.

Seven Years (Deep Voices Remix)

Their training with Sensei Lange couldn't save them from the stench of SY. Converting e verbo[1] to guitars does not make it any less painful than this broken glass cocktail was before. Cheap voices reap choices.

  1. tautology, flat & tight