Sex On The Beach

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23 April 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Sex On The Beach (Original Mix) 8 Wonders[1] 136 G# minor 7:33
Sex On The Beach (Depths Of My Thoughts Sunset Dub) 8 Wonders 132 G# minor 6:36
Sex On The Beach (Anjuna Classic Club Mix) 8 Wonders 137 A minor 8:01
Sex On The Beach (6 Inch Stiletto Mix) 8 Wonders 136 A minor 7:14

Arnej Šećerkadić, Bosnian lord of all atrament, graciously delegated his inordinate talent to his solitary Anjunabeats dalliance.

Sex On The Beach (Original Mix)

Arnej, who also releases under 8 Wonders, & Arney S., has a proclivity for the fuliginous. He merits your time with songs such as Dust In The Wind, The Strings That Bind Us, & They Always Come Back For More. His solitary Anjunabeats release is no exception to his rule.
Opening the second disc of Worldwide 01, Sex On The Beach is his magnum opus: caliginous, dulcet, hadopelagic, & thaumaturgical, it will blow you away.

Sex On The Beach (Depths Of My Thoughts Sunset Dub)

All the remixes are, unfortunately, repackagings of the OM. This one distastefully fills the centre with dross, while all else is the OM altered insufficiently.

Sex On The Beach (Anjuna Classic Club Mix)

This pointlessness is a conversion to a scabrous orthodoxal. An annoyance runs through, taking as much care as a botfly.

Sex On The Beach (6 Inch Stiletto[2] Mix)

The final remix of this ode to a cocktail containing vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice & orange juice has a seraphic synth that should have been included in the OM, because this quickly wanders into unreason by deteriorating into some trash.