Shadows Movement (The Remixes)

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Waste of time.


2 June 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Shadows Movement (Komytea Remix) Michael Cassette 129 A minor 6:49
Shadows Movement (Kaveh Soroush & J-Soul Remix) Michael Cassette 126 D# minor 6:42

From AnjunaDigital, these two reworks sprung from the unprecedented popularity of the OM.

Shadows Movement (Komytea Remix)

The mulching that Komytea often did is a refined, cross-cutting shredding that almost prevents those who collect the pieces from reassembling them. This is an exemplar of their technique. Of their full talent, not so much: the tune, although only vaguely recognisable, is neglected & dispassionate, & isn't given much time anyway. Thankfully, this wouldn't be their last club mix.

Shadows Movement (Kaveh Soroush & J-Soul Remix)

It's still kilometres ahead of this remix, though. This ignominious doublet who have never been heard from since copied a few seconds, & left the rest for vituperable waste. All to cash in on a germinal moment in the history. Shameful.