Shadows Movement / Fox & A Shooting Star

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Umbra, antumbra, & penumbra.


21 December 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Shadows Movement (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 122 G# minor 7:59
Fox & A Shooting Star (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 124 F# minor 6:49

Michael Cassette's second release is a nimbed beauty: James Grant noted Shadows Movement as the earliest of the three most 'seminal' moments in Anjunadeep history:[1]
I think ‘Shadows Movement’ by Michael Cassette was a key moment, because it was not only an amazing track, but it was musically quite far from what we’d been doing previously. The track, & consequently the label, started getting support from some really influential DJs like James Zabiela & Laurent Garnier which then really broadened our horizons as a label.

Shadows Movement

The Anjunadeep 01 conclusion deserves that accolade, although it doesn't seem radically different from their earlier work. This wasn't their first AD release either, so all credit must go to the shadows' shaking; Matti & Erkka darkened up deep trance with their ode to Dracula. The haunting of all New Caledonian graveyards combined sparklise SM with organ synth, setting themselves high & apart with their winwinnabulations. Historical, probably.

Fox & A Shooting Star

This shooting star killed the dinosaurs, putting SM to almost shame. Fame came not to this, though it is easily better. The Finn's sylvanshine synths are not only a portal to the retrofuture, but a convoluting, constantly everting disjection of moderacy & calm. F&ASS shoots down SM any day.