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19 November 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Shapes (Original Mix) Maor Levi 130 D major 6:44
Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix) Maor Levi 135 G major 7:05

Shapes was his first release on Anjunabeats. Following his two Anjunadeep EPs, he switched to a path leading of the cliff of bass.

Shapes (Original Mix)

This shoo-in for Volume 5 is the poppiest song ever on Anjunabeats, even including the wisps of brume fogging the tune. Even today, nothing else screams 'POP MUSIC' quite as much as Shapes. The style & personal effects adumbrate nothing.
Despite any emotion provided by the contorted vocals, this tune has no real effect, the same as most pop music. Levi's personal touches inject an eerie feel, though nothing grand. Despite the lack of value, a listen just to hear the phenomenon is harmless.

Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix)

Well, somebody's time had to be wasted on remixing this. I don't see why it had to be Smith's. His talent outshone this. Nevertheless, he tried, adding a melody over the OM slightly pumped up. Now that it has the classic trance feel, it is no better. There's an unfortunate reason why 2000s trance is selected by computer-generated music sites. This is part of it.