Shoreline / Tucano

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'Toucan' in Portuguese, Galician, & Italian.


29 June 2010

Mix Act
Shoreline (Original Mix) Answer42
Tucano (Original Mix) Answer42

Shoreline (Original Mix)

Measurable, unlike real shorelines, this sequel to Pink Houses is a pastiche of their actual music. The brief flashes of darkness are beneath even Solarity's tardigradest, being merely noctivagant echoes of half-remembered sounds, rather than a self-sufficient, whole tune. Most of Shoreline is acranic, repeating filler.

Tucano (Original Mix)

Tucano is a rich, lifefull oneiroid, the trumpets, piano, & multiplicity sonoluminescing plangently in the greatest turnaround since South Korea. The trio's ergophilia comes out for the first time with this, pairing ultraphrenic, pyrogenic, selenic silence, an anagram, each pause a total eclipse of consciousness; after a bouncy, tropical groove. Yet, this quasi-affetti with slight psychedelia is dwarfed by blue giants of later & earlier times.