The Signalrunners

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Left to right: Nimmo, Bayer.

The Signalrunners was a duo comprised of New Yorker Andrew Bayer & Scotsman Alan Nimmo.
Some of their releases have the Andrew Bayer 2000s sound, also found in their remix of 'Angel Falls' & Andrew's collaboration with Cosmic Gate, 'Nothing Ever Lasts'.

Designation EP Year
ANJ074 Aria Epica 2007
ANJ092 Don't Look Back / One Last Look 2007
ANJ099 Electric Sheep 2008
ANJ111 These Shoulders 2008
ANJ121 Meet Me In Montauk 2008
Song Act Year
Restless Oliver Smith 2009
Waves Nitrous Oxide 2008
Beautiful Together OceanLab 2007