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28 January 2013

Mix Act Duration
Sinai (Original Mix) ilan Bluestone 7:33

You can measure a tree's age by its rings, and AB's evolution by this man's sound. Capetown & Namaste are solidly progressive trance, as is Sinai. Everything after this would be progressive house, a change sharper than my wit. Named after the Veps word for '(next to) you'[1], this song is worth listening to more than any commandments. It's his typical mantical style, the absurdly tactile violincline bursting into an unforetold bloom. The Maor influence reigns strong, strewing hard jashes everywhere, a grounded pound to chiarosciurally counter the aerial, looping train of alternating firelights. The actual electrotrash hits hard, but so can a wet sack of fish. It's too unfocaused to have any beat or pattern at all. 1:28 saves it with the playful, experimental looper, & a recurring hard bass cut. The airtrain is unforgettable. It should be in more songs, regardless of how much it could be used. The long slope down from the electrash to the tune intro is one I will never cut: the indecipherable male vocals beckon amongst light pretastes of the shivers to come, exploring what sound could be in the reaches of the emptiest tangles.
This time, the tune intro & the climax are not shockingly different. They're both wrackhammers of unrelenting terror, but just a bit too much. They rely on the same note over & over again, & like the elderly wood that it is, this prop gives way, & everything falls into the marsh. There's just enough experimentation to be listenable, but this is not near his best. The height of this hill is the violincidental spin into aerophilia, because it is the one time the notes get any variation. Much spicier than parsley, Sinai is full of great physical tricks such as the psychotronic echoing calls in the dolly zoom corridor up to the climax, & that train tunnel at the top of the world that is the brain-spinningly robotic (in a good way) & futuristic, warped, metallic climax. But despite the physical bonanza, Sinai has only a handful of emotional worth. It's in Volume 10 anyway, so this doesn't matter.[2]