Singularity / 4v2

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Third time's the harm.


27 April 2010

Mix Act
Singularity (Original Mix) 16 Bit Lolitas
4v2 (Original Mix) 16 Bit Lolitas

Third time wasn't the charm.

Singularity (Original Mix)

This is the point where measurable acephaly became unmeasurable. In the middle, there is a promising, noctivagating charm, sweetly ringing out, that should have been the whole song. Instead, it's obscured by the aural styrofoam these two call music. At least, or unfortunately, this is in AD 02.

4v2 (Original Mix)

Not Fatum & Judah, but close. Since Singluarity wasn't otalgic enough, they made this to make up for it. 4v2 is an even worse contender for AD 02. It's tardigrade tautophony, & beneath the dignity of all involved.