Sky Falls Down

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23 April 2003


Title Act Duration
Sky Falls Down (Original Mix) Oceanlab 7:13
Sky Falls Down (Oceanlab AM Mix)[1] Oceanlab 7:16
Sky Falls Down (JC Remix)[2] Oceanlab 9:07
Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix) Oceanlab 10:20
Sky Falls Away (Original Mix) Passive Progressive vs. Oceanlab 8:11

Sky Falls Down (Original Mix)

As typical of Oceanlab, this is only notable for the synth, & barely then. Certainly isn't worth it, whatever 'it' may be, from listening to it, to buying it. It was also brainlessly mashed up with '43' by ilan Bluestone at ABGT 150, in 2015.

Sky Falls Down (Oceanlab AM Mix)

This is obscure. There is no reason for it to not be, since it is ostensibly just the OM with lower audio quality. You can listen to it here.

Sky Falls Down (JC Remix)[3]

The second obscure mix, this is full of original & marvelous distortion. This really should be released digitally, because the repetitive beat & the melancholy make this recommendable.

Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix)

Bestowed upon us by the Dutch trance superstar himself, this is barely nemoral or worth his big name enough to publish. With a drop of ink, this is really nothing to slap an 'a' on, much less include in a compilation.

Sky Falls Down (DJ Shah Remix)

Made as part of Anjunabeats One Hundred, Roger Shah's first & penultimate Anjunabeats appearance is an iterative, dolorous original rework. It seems emotional, though it never changes. Unacceptable.

'Sky Falls Away' By OceanLab vs. Passive Progressive

The penultimate track in Volume 8, this outshines the unrelated OM by yottaluxes. Containing many melodic paths, this mix is orthodox trance as well, but more progressive, as this was released years later. This is the superbest of any mix of SFD: iridised imponderabilia make a supermundane journey through your neurons, drug-free.