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"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth & choice." -Benjamin Jonson, espousing wise advice never taken by Above & Beyond.


9 February 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Slider (Original Mix) Adam Nickey 137 A major 8:27
Slider (Sean Tyas Remix) Adam Nickey 140 A major 8:12

Wichary's third of the hexad unbearable[1] until Nitrous Oxide came in was made under equally distributed stars.

Slider (Original Mix)

A trash tune rots over the course of several[2] minutes. Every second is the experience of staying in North Korea's hotel, & this song is just as empty. Literally, the hotel has nothing inside of it.
I am jealous of everyone who hasn’t heard this. Unfortunately, I have, & I have heard many other 'uplifting trance' songs. In general, they are emotionally penurious rhyparographs. Wichary needs to be restrained from any musical instruments.

Slider (Sean Tyas Remix)

This EP will leave you hungrier than a North Korean. Tyas was so abulic, he would have been taken to a hospital had anyone listened to this: he did the laziest thing he could & just ran it through a filter. His biolysis was nearly complete by this point. By now, the only thing he's in charge of is what plays on the loudspeakers in Hell. A Buddhist hell. The worst one, Avicii. I mean Avīci, which translates to 'endless suffering', 'without waves', 'interminable', or 'incessant'. Just like this geoid.