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23 May 2011[edit]

Piece Of Me (Alternative Beach Mix) is here.

Mix Act Duration
Soul Searchin' (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi 7:01
Soul Searchin' (Nitrous Oxide Remix) Daniel Kandi 7:46
Piece Of Me (Alternative Beach Mix) Daniel Kandi 8:00

Kandi was there from 2006. He left making us want more, since his six-year heptad was so remarkable.

Soul Searchin' (Original Mix)[edit]

SS is his highest achievement in ultratheist transubstantiation: he turned synth into gold. The diamantiferous slaughterdom begins in the intro, rising like the Himalayas, slowly but forcefully. The greatest creation has much more to expend- the molten platinumfall makes a river to a new tune, pads that can kill at any range, as a quasar does. One explosion, then poof, our atmosphere is gone. It's terrifying, but true. As those inspire awe, so to does SS, but love instead of fear.

Soul Searchin' (Nitrous Oxide Remix)[edit]

Pretkiewicz did the essential & so much more: he futurised the OM, taking this diesel all the way to electric hovertrain. The sheer razorness fo future trance such as this is a jump off the earth & straight to the core. The climax simplifies it & makes it oceansful at any volume, they way I like it, superjacenting the synth, & making the other a temple bell ghost party. He added an electronic menace adrenalining up the franticness, & a new tune that spirals & piruets[1] above, sending diamond confetti. God died & went to ur-heaven.

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