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21 May 2007

Jaytech's debut[1] on Anjunadeep marked the beginning of a long, miraculous journey. & the inception of this mostly thaumaturgical voyage is qualitatively dichotomous, accurately representing (early) Anjunadeep. Obviously, Above & Beyond were delighted with their find, as both tracks are on Volume 5.

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Spacelift (Original Mix) Jaytech 128 D minor 7:22
Essence (Original Mix) Jaytech 127 A minor 7:08

Spacelift (Original Mix)

This EP commences the magic odyssey deplorably. Sans emotion, care, effort, time, & talent, Spacelift, horribile dictu, defecates on his discography, takes the time to smear it around, pushes it in to protract the smell, & dries it for extra effect.

Essence (Original Mix)

Essence delivers all the empyreal talent of the future, being an innovative, fulgurous panoply. The style is already coruscating hard when a tenebrific tune begins & is swiftly joined by a high-pitched luculence. This ambrosia simmers away for a few minutes & is finally accompanied by atramental tears rolling down the body of Cayzer's work.
This is what volumes are made of. This concretised & cemented his eventual stellification. Essence is appropriately named, since it is the distillate of Jaytech.