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No ક્ષય.


9 November 2010

Mix Act
Start (Original Mix) Solarity
Start (Soundprank Remix) Solarity

Consider how bad their album was.

Start (Original Mix)

Start starts & ends, but it goes on forever. The inception begins to flower at 4:04, initiating commencement of opening origin. The embarkment closes at 4:34, the shortest ever tune segment, & lowest tune-to-length ratio ever, of any buyable song.
& this is buyable. The longest half-minute in AD coupled an ichorous choral band of six-wingers with tinnient, diaphane bells. This pair work better than flames & oxygen, Marx & Engels, & Jobs[1] & theft. Solarity's nuclear frisson overpowered the rest of the song easilier than upsilon particles through paper.
Solarity often had seven minutes of limbo, & a minute of Vaikuntha- or less. It's painful here, but manageable.[2]
The rest of Start is planar tumefaction mixed with call-backs, call-forwards, & call-nows, all of them acarophily. Still aurated.

Start (Soundprank Remix)

But the propreantepenultimate release for one is only the beginning for another. Introducing Colin Fisher, who made his start less relevant than Disco Duck. Do not illude: the Euphrates flows right into Neptune, just like Colin remixed Start.
The Florence Nightingale of details, Fisher took care of them spectacularly. At 2:44, Colin eglomerates music with his tintumutative minute, chameleonic psychotica melting & freezing & sublimating again, cementing like teeth his star in all annals from here on. Expect substance & style circumvolution from this rara avis.

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  2. (The program) Audacity helps.