Stephen J Kroos

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His parents have returned to take him back to his home planet. Taken in 2011.

Aka SJK, Stephen J Kroos is a Dutch tech house master. His styles include deep psy-tech, & deep tech. He released the second Anjunabeats album, in 2007.

Album Discography
Album Year
Tecktonick 2007
Anjunabeats Discography
Designation Title Year
ANJ024 Phantazmz / Optimistick 2004
ANJ038 Sadistick 2006
ANJ082 Formalistick 2007
Anjunadeep Discography
Designation Title Year
ANJDEE085 Mnenosyne / Distentio / Polygon / Paradox 2010
ANJDEE090 Reperfusion EP 2010
ANJDEE104 Micrsh EP 2011
ANJDEE127 E-No EP 2011
Song Artist Year
Through The Windows Michael Cassette 2011
Come Play Perfect (Posh Mix) Boom Jinx 2007