Stranded In NYC

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It's no desert island.


30 August 2010

Mix Act
Stranded In NYC (Original Mix) Duderstadt
Stranded In NYC (Oliver Smith Remix) Duderstadt

From their vivifying remixes, to this.

Stranded In NYC (Original Mix)

Their one OM is uplifting trance. Specifically, the copromesis that this subgenre is drenched in. It differs not in style, but seems to distinguish itself by its culmiferous taste & perpetual simulism. Take SIN: it's a game of spot the difference between this, & CG music. Half-finished, somniferous, sounds like it was cut off halfway through; yep, it's uplifting trance alright. Because computers haven't learnt how to make music as well as people, this is what we have instead. Boneless, bloodless, spineless, brainless, soulless, they might as well call it sea jelly, but beached as well. & shredded. Though still lethal.[1]

Stranded In NYC (Oliver Smith Remix)

He needed to make many, many changes. But he only made one. Now, it has a rising & falling set of keys! Diluted water[2] does more to cure cancer than this does to change the song! It's layered over, but it still feels like it cuts back & forth between this placebo anapoiesis.[3]

  1. Shredded sea jellies can still sting & kill people. It's dangerous.
  2. homeopathy
  3. re-creation