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20 April 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Summer (Vocal Mix) Michael Cassette 124 C# minor 7:23

MC reminded us of why they are Anjunadeep. & it was only their fourth.

Summer (Original Mix)

Released on a hazy day, this supersedes the summer[1] of '51. But it's 42 that reveals the saturnine quintessence has mechanical beauty bound with dark pads in a return to the 1980s, space shuttles, stealth aircraft, Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, the original trilogy, & MTV without Date My[2] Mom.
Summer is the feeling of sticking your hands through the wall of the universe. Zeno's problems as music. Tan waves are the most accurate form for the wavelength. They don't stop piling on the subneural sorcery- this sui classis is hotter than WR 102. Many instruments are used in this, & all to infinite effect. Vocals are an instrument in their own right, & this proves it. They unbind another dimension of the song.
They got to lather the AD 01 closing with the dub mix, then Shadows Movement. They should have included the vocal mix instead.
Do not be content with the dub mix. Buy the Vocal Mix anywhere you can.