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With lyrics first written [by Sorcha Shepherd ("Change a word, get a third"- Weinsteins of the music industry)] for Suissa, but she just wasn't feeling it- this is time one of two that I find lyrics incisive.


20 March 2011

Mix Act
Sun & Moon (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Club Mix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (7 Skies Remix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Dennis Sheperd Remix) Above & Beyond

Trance remixes here; dnb remixes here.

Sun & Moon (Original Mix)

Foretasting waves fade in the fast, lashing intro, sophisticating & seducting the best of 2011. Bedford's voice joins it after a moment of acapella that neatly opens the symbiosis between natural & artificial inherent to this album. The tune gathers more notes & oozes to the quiet piano solo that spells out the S&M ride, flourishing in the dulcet keys, & even breaking into a new, converse flair that outranks habaneros. Then Richard leads us to the electric tune.
The climax mixess an iterative epiphany starting & concluding in crepuscule, RB, & the superterrene echoes. Another ultraplinian from Group Therapy.

Sun & Moon (Music Video)

A man expresses his grief over an acrimonious breakup, by dancing in public. The unnecessary (I am watching their video already, what's the point of more advertising?) & shameless obtrusion in this one is a Tri-State poster. Anyway, he consoles her when she's crying, which must happen after he dances. So whatever he did is forgiven? It's purposely vague. They didn't spend enough time to make a story, so they just copied & pasted, a great waste of the medium. At least the people aren't models.[1]

Sun & Moon (Club Mix)

This CM represents quite a few others: it's just an EM, with nothing changed, not the vocals, nor the instrumentals, or something that would qualify it's title. If you expect that, you won't be disappointed.

Sun & Moon (7 Skies Remix)

Without Boldoni, who would give us a superfluous overlay of a tacked-on trance interpretation that does nothing but expose their total incompetence?

Sun & Moon (Dennis Sheperd Remix)

The best example of why we need stage names returned, not to convert this time, but to offload his unclimactic, caliginous tune with no hint of Gargantua or Pantagruel. Thankfully, there are more remixes.

  1. Their most popular video is their most confusing.