Sun & Moon (Dnb Remixes)

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20 March 2011

Mix Act
Sun & Moon (Distance Remix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Seiji Remix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (The Others Remix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Kim Fai Remix) Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Blastoyz Remix) Above & Beyond

OM here; trance remixes here.

Sun & Moon (Distance Remix)

Grunge & dnb merge in Greg Sanders' effects-reliant parody of EDM plagued by murky amateurism, & not one slight change of note.

Sun & Moon (Seiji Remix)

Japanese for 'politics' & 'celadon porcelain'. Aside from the name, all I can talk about is how decrepit his attempt at an earworm is. Sayonara, Paul Dolby.

Sun & Moon (The Others Remix)

The only stomachable remix of S&M, this original fix is all the stars to me. The mazelike eruptions start in the flamboyant majesty of the dub cuts falling into place as a rheographic event, deepening at the final bar, rivalling Sol. The artificial ascent ties it all up, with a bonus woodwind cherrying it all. Ichor.

Sun & Moon (Kim Fai Remix)

Richard Cheung did something more people should do: raised the tune to a blissfully adrenal degree. Now, it's too thrilling for a film about spy-xenomorph-war-asteroid. Enjoyment is subjective with this one.

Sun & Moon (Blastoyz Remix)

Kobi Nigreker's 2020 remix is another of ABGT400's barely cooked conversions. He simply overlaid modern psy-trance on top of the OM. Adding a smidgin of violin that doesn't even differ in any way does not make a tolerable time. His heart & head should be weighted down with shame & regret, more emotion than he ever gave this.