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15 February 2011

Mix Act
Sun 2000 (Original Mix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (Original Mix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (Joonas Hahmo Remix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (Heikki L Remix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (DJ Orion & J.Shore Remix) Slusnik Luna
Sun 2011 (Genix Remix) Slusnik Luna

The Finnish duo Nicklas Renqvist & Niko Nyman got more than any ubermaster could dream of- multiple remixes.

Sun 2000 (Original Mix)

This ten-minuter is almost worth half that. Most of it is illaudable trash, but quiescence is reserved for the tune, which isn't nearly as good as they think it is. The title & high exaltation the tune gets suggests that we should treat it the same, with heliolatry. But this lightweight dabble won't soak any handkerchiefs. It would fit a soundtrack for a short sci-fi film, in a scene where drugs are involved somehow. It's there, it exists, but it's not something.

Sun 2011 (Original Mix)

Copy... &... paste! Well done! Have our money! This is no update, it's just Sun 2: Nick Harder.

Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix)

Sun 3: Shellectric Boogaloo.

Sun 2011 (Joonas Hahmo Remix)

Sun 4: Dawn of a New Return of the Rise of Revenge. Slight cutting tricks don't fool me, Hahmo.

Sun 2011 (Heikki L Remix)

All copy & no originality makes these people as dull as spheres.

Sun 2011 (DJ Orion & J.Shore Remix)


At last- something different! A ten-minute chillout mix that appropriately, & nepentheanly shades the tune darker than Kimland at night. It's momentous, though not brazen or megalithic.

Sun 2011 (Genix Remix)

The oddest & hottest star of this is easily Damion's left-field extraterrestrial pharmacopoeia, which is almost irrelevant to the false god. He starts with futuretrash industrially knocking away, the slinking bass dashed well by the acoustical. Heaven's finest psychoneurotica floats down in the vocal alienisation. Then the trash tears the air, upgrading & upgrinding, until the saintly voice calls again. The OM is obligatorily name-checked, then it's back to good times with the pulvertrash. Worth every subsecond.